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Birds To Keep Out In the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Jan 2019

Birds: Gardeners either love them or hate them. Some gardeners will feed the birds to get them through the winter; but others just want them gone! Some birds, such as crows and blackbirds, are destructive in gardens and will eat fruits and veggies from home gardens. Here are tips to rid birds from gardens:

How to prevent bird damage

Birds freak out easily; and they will get startled by shiny substances and/or figures. Gardeners can tie shiny ribbon to a balloon to keep birds at bay. They can also try placing a traditional scarce crow in the yard to ward off birds. To keep nibblers at bay, place inverted crates or disposable cups (with the bottoms cut out) over vulnerable seedlings. 

Growers with berry bushes and other types of winter crops will want to place bird netting on top of shrubbery. The bird netting will not only stop birds from feasting on crops but will deter deer and other wildlife. Birds will not get caught up in the netting; and will be forced to fly elsewhere for their winter meals. 

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