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The Importance of Bird Netting

The Importance of Bird Netting

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 31st Jan 2023

Birds are great companions and a source of delight. But as unwanted guests, they could be a source of an unparalleled nuisance too. They come uninformed and can quickly turn your beautiful property … read more

Keep Birds Out Of Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Aug 2020

August begins bird migration season as birds across the United States and Canada flock gather in groups to flock south for warmer climates and better food sources. During this month, into fall, garden … read more

Stop Bird Damage In Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th May 2020

Birds, like other types of wild animals, love exploring lawns and gardens for food. Throughout the year, birds will fly over to growing sites to eat up nuts, fruits, berries and other plant material. … read more

Why Buy Multi-Purpose Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Nov 2019

Multi-purpose fence is a newer type of plastic fence that is used for a variety of applications on landscapes. At first glance, customers may wonder why buy multi-purpose fence? It's thin, plastic and … read more

Rid Birds From Home Properties

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Sep 2019

As two seasons change, homeowners will notice an influx of birds on home properties. In the spring and fall months, bird migration occurs to avoid chilly temperatures and cold fronts. When birds in th … read more

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