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Caring For Foster Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Apr 2018

Starting a foster program comes with its challenges; but the outcome is a rewarding experience that you and your foster pup will never forget. 

Starting a dog foster program is a commitment. Once dog lovers decide to take-in dogs, they cannot return the dogs to the animal shelter. Rather, they must first find dogs a new foster home. 

The first few weeks of foster care will be rough - we won't lie to you. The dog may snap at you or your kids (use caution); and the dog may misbehave. Have patience with your new furry friend. Understand that your dog is in a new environment and is adjusting to a new life, as are you. 

This is why fencing-in dogs in the backyard can get them in-touch with their new environment while bonding with foster parents and learning new tricks. The fenced-in yard will stop the dog from running away and getting hurt, lost or stolen. 

Dog foster care parents will need to take the dog to the animal rescue or shelter a few times a week to give it a chance for adoption. Stay in-touch with your dog foster care coordinator, as he/she will help define healthy food options and other ways to make the 'new-comer' feel loved and welcomed. 

Saying goodbye is always hard; but know that the dog is getting a chance at having a family and a home. 

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