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Catios Vs Cat Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Apr 2019

Cats deserve outside playtime just as much as dogs; and while there are outdoor enclosures for cats on the market, cat owners often get confused which one to buy for their kitties. Catios are not the same thing as cat fences; and one may be better than another for certain types of homeowners. Let's break it down. 


Catios are box-shaped enclosures that can serve multiple cats. They include levels for jumping, similar to cat towers, and are fully enclosed with removable tops. Having a cat enclosure with a top is great to have for cats to block wildlife encounters and aerial attacks from birds. However, while catios are great for several cats, the systems do not allow for much movement, as opposed to a full cat fence in the yard. Nevertheless, catios are great for areas with small backyards or townhouse owners as they can attach easily to patios.

Cat Fencing

Installing a cat fence is ideal for homes that have a larger backyard and room for felines to play. Cat fencing is suitable for one cat or multiple kitties, like a catio. Fence for cats generally do not include a top, however, it includes overhang extenders to deter wildlife from jumping in and cats from jumping out. 

Why get a cat fence?

Cats need exercise just as much as dogs; and providing cats with an open area to run with friends will serve them well as they age. 

Cat Fencing lasts up to 20 years and is easy to install. It can be used for cats only and/or dogs to keep cats out!

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