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It's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jun 2020

Animal shelters see a rise in cat intake during the month of June due to kitty breeding season in spring. Because of this, and other circumstances, there are over 3 million homeless cats in one of the … read more

Protect Cats: Enforce Coyote Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2020

New research declares that coyotes will choose domestic cats as snacks [in addition to anything else they can stick in their mouths] throughout the course of the year. While coyotes generally sta … read more

Is a Cat Fence a Catio?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Nov 2019

Cat owners may have heard that there is a cat fence on the market for their domestic cats to play, but more often than not, they confuse the term cat fence with catio. While the systems can secure mul … read more

Should Domestic Cats Go Outside?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Oct 2019

When pet owners let out dogs to play in the fenced-in backyard, they usually don't think twice about it; however, when it comes to cats, pet owners are more cautious. Should cats go outside? Won't the … read more

Why Cat Fencing Is Better Than Catios

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2019

Cat owners rejoice! There are cat enclosures for sale that allow domestic cats to play outside with other animals; get fit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Great Outdoors. While many cat owners … read more

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