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Celebrate Earth Day!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Apr 2018

Earth Day is on April 22nd each year; and while we are late to mention it, we want to discuss the importance of caring for Mother Earth now. 

By not recycling, we are hurting the environment and the wildlife surrounding it. Plastic pollution is corrupting our oceans and tangling up fish that are getting caught in soda can holders.  Grasses are covered in candy bar wrappers, plastic bottles and trash that could have been simply thrown into a garbage can. Even our lakes are soiled with floating bottles and trash. 

We need to educate our youth about the importance of recycling and caring for our land. 

The Earth Day Network is working toward ending plastic pollution; and Deerbusters is helping by stopping flying debris on landfills with steel fencing

Stop being trashy! Start recycling to end plastic pollution this Earth Day 2018!

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