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Cold Weather Tips For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Nov 2019

Like us, dogs cannot stay indoors all day. They will go nuts, bouncing off the walls, and drive their owners nuts in the process. To stay fit, dogs need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise and dog owners are more than willing to leave dogs outside to get fresh air and play with other animals. But, during the cooler months of the year, when is too cold for a dog to be left outdoors in the fenced-in yard

Generally, if temperatures dip below 45 degrees F, pets should not be left outside for long. Small dogs have more of a risk in developing health problems, such as hypothermia, if left outdoors for extended periods of time; but it's always best to keep watch on all dog breeds during the fall and winter months. If there is snow on the ground, dog owners will need to care for dogs making sure they are warm. They will need to dry off foot pads when dogs come back inside to avoid cracked paws. They will also need to wipe down dogs with a dry towel to rid loose snow. 

Keep close watch on dogs during cooler months when dangerous weather develops. 

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