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Coyote Control Needed This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Dec 2019

Winter is the best time of the year to see coyotes; but homeowners will not spot coyote packs, but instead one at a time. 

Coyote pups are born in the springtime (March and April); and this is when they cling to their parents for several months; but by winter, baby coyotes are now cool, rebellious teenagers; and they want to leave their parents' side - and, they do. To fend for themselves, they visit home properties to hunt for food. 

A coyote's diet in the wintertime contains small mammals - including small dogs and cats - rodents, birds, fruits and berries. To protect landscapes, and pets, homeowners will need to install steel fencing around perimeters of yards that is at least 6 feet high. 

Coyote management in winter is a must in addition to keeping away deer, bears and other wildlife that are a concern.

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