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Protect Cats: Enforce Coyote Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2020

New research declares that coyotes will choose domestic cats as snacks [in addition to anything else they can stick in their mouths] throughout the course of the year. While coyotes generally sta … read more

Rid Coyotes From Lawns and Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Feb 2020

White-tailed deer aren't the only wild animals landing on lawns and gardens. Many homeowners are noticing an influx of coyotes in winter into spring; and they cause more harm than good. While it' … read more

Coyote Control Needed This Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Dec 2019

Winter is the best time of the year to see coyotes; but homeowners will not spot coyote packs, but instead one at a time. Coyote pups are born in the springtime (March and April); and this is whe … read more

Top States With Coyotes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Oct 2018

Coyotes may look like dogs; but humans are less likely to approach them. While coyotes generally do not attack humans, they will attack pets, livestock and other animals if they have a taste for meat … read more

It's Coyote Breeding Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Mar 2018

Coyotes breed at the beginning of each year through the end of March; and the thought of coyotes getting 'intimate' may not seem like a big deal until you learn that they attack humans and pets includ … read more

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