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Deerbusters Announces 4' Hexagonal Fence With PVC

Posted by Jennifer Smith on is pleased to introduce the inclusion of 4' x 150' rolls of Steel Hex Web Fence into the product category.

Steel Hex Web Deer Fence is recommended for those experiencing high deer pressure and want a secure, chew-proof barrier for a garden, residential property or commercial land. This steel fence can also serve as a fence for dogs that like to chew and dig. Built to last, this fence combines the aesthetically pleasing hexagonal openings with a UV-resistant PVC coating to protect the steel wire from harsh weather conditions. Combining this fencing with a monofilament tension line makes a stable, strong barrier against deer and garden pests. 

What makes Steel Hex Web Fencing THE right choice?

  • Chew-Resistant
  • 1” openings keep all but the smallest pests away
  • 20 - 30 yr. life span
  • Nearly invisible after 20’

Steel Hex Web is one of the most popular types of deer fence available from The 4' x 150' Steel Hex Fence Rolls retails for $179.95 and qualifies for free shipping. The 4' x 150' is also available as a dog fence kit for dog breeds that may chew on the fence material. Order today on