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Deerbusters Announces 4' Hexagonal Fence With PVC

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jun 2020 is pleased to introduce the inclusion of 4' x 150' rolls of Steel Hex Web Fence into the product category.Steel Hex Web Deer Fence is recommended for those experiencing high deer press … read more

Social Distancing Deer From Plants

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Apr 2020

Social distancing is a term that was created in lieu of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19. It's a way for family, friends, pets, and community members to stay safe from the spread of the flu-like virus wh … read more

Benefits Of Steel Fence With PVC

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Nov 2019

When thinking about yard fencing, there are several factors to consider: Are there chewing animals destroying gardens or is it just a deer problem? How long do homeowners plan to keep the fence up- … read more

Benefits Of Welded Wire Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Aug 2019

After looking at welded wire fence, it's no wonder why homeowners choose to use it around their landscapes, swimming pools and gardens.For one, weld wire fencing is more pleasing to the eye than … read more

Protect Poultry From Wolves (Predatory Animals)

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Mar 2019

Poultry farmers are faced with the same challenges as organic growers. Like gardeners and crop farmers, they need to protect their flock from wildlife encounters such as coyotes, foxes and wolves. Whe … read more

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