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Difference Between Angle Steel and Line Posts

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Apr 2020

When looking at line posts for deer fence installation, one must decide on which fence posts to buy; how many do buy; and how to use them. As we learned, there are many types of fence posts and creative ways to use them when installing deer fence. A questions Deerbusters often gets from customers is what the difference is between heavy duty line posts and angled steel posts. Let's examine.

HD Line Posts: These are the most common type of deer fence posts. They easily slide into ground sleeves and are available in 1 3/8" and 1 5/8" diameters. This means that they can be used for dog and deer fencing. HD Line posts are made from a galvanized steel and powdered coated black to match the color of the fence mesh. 

As the name would describe, angle steel line posts have a slight curve to them - one would suggest an "L" shape including pre-drilled holes for easy installation. These 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" fence posts do not fit into ground sleeves; and are often used in wooded areas where aesthetics aren't exactly important to homeowners. These steel fence posts are also powdered coated in black to match fence mesh. 

There are many types of fence posts on the market. Find the style that works for your specific application. 

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