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Difference Between Steel Hex and Hexa-Gone

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Nov 2018

Steel Hex Web Fence is a best selling deer fence for a number of reasons. For one, this type of metal deer fence is chew-proof and can be used for a number of applications including livestock protection; coyote management and to repel rabbits/groundhogs. Best of all, Steel Hex Fence is virtually invisible which is the top reason homeowners choose to use the fence in the yard.

Deerbusters released HEXA-GONE Steel Hex Web Fence; and people are asking "What's the difference?" Here's the breakdown:

Steel Hex Web

  • 35 lb tensile strength per strand
  • 20 gauge, 18 gauge after PVC-coating
  • 20-30 year lifespan
  • 1" openings


  • 20 Gauge Starting Wire; 18 Gauge after PVC Coating
  • 1250+ Breaking Strength
  • 30+ year lifespan
  • 1" openings

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