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Fall Gardening: Prepare For Deer Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Sep 2019

Now that Autumn is officially here, gardeners have several gardening tasks to get them through the next growing season; and with changing seasons comes challenges. Gardeners across the country will continue to see wildlife on properties and will need to act quickly to resolve the issue. September is Preparedness Month; and it's time for gardeners to enforce deer management strategies. Here's what gardeners need to know about fall in the garden:

Deer don't stop eating; and they want even more from gardens in the fall to prepare for winter when natural resources will become scarce. Gardeners will spend a lot of man hours planting cool weather crops; and deer have their eyes on them (especially if they see acorns, corn, soybeans and leafy legumes). Deer will eat plans in the early morning and late evening hours to go undetected by both hunters and home growers. To block deer browsing, gardeners will need to install a deer fence that is at least 7.5' to 8' feet high in either plastic or metal construction - depending on factors like deer pressure and other animals eating up gardens. 

Deer are more persistent this season to eat before they are reduced to twigs and leaves. To end deer damage in fall, gardeners will need deer fencing, the most effective means for deer control year-round.

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