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Give Thanks To Dairy Farmers This June

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Jun 2018

June marks National Dairy Month, a time for every dairy product drinking/eating person to thank their local dairy farmers for all their hard work. 

Raising milk cows, and being a dairy farmer, is not easy and requires long days and a dedicated plan. Dairy cows need plenty of forage (hay, straw), grasses and water. In fact, dairy cows require more water than any other type of animal! Milk cows need 5 liters of water for every 1 liter of milk; and on top of that, they need at least 80 square feet of open space to move around. After all, they are carrying a lot of liquid weight. 

When choosing a career in agriculture, consider being a dairy farmer. You will be able to:

  • Make your own schedule
  • Help animals and be responsible for others
  • Produce great tasting dairy products
  • And, you will learn to multi-task

When starting a dairy farm, start with a farm or pasture that is fenced in with woven wire so the animals cannot get out. #NationalDairyMonth.

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