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How To Attach Fixed Knot Fence To Posts?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Jul 2020

It seems that each unique fence type requires a tried and true method for installation; and installing woven wire fencing is no different. Fixed Knot Fence, a solid lock metal deer fence, is the strongest type of metal fence on the market; and therefore, requires fence ties that are stronger than traditional self-locking ties for poly deer fencing. Here's how to easily attach Fixed Knot Fencing to posts:

Consider using 12 gauge ties. The 9.5" wire ties are a long lasting, durable method of attaching hi-tensile fencing to steel line posts.They are easy to use and require no special twisting tools. 

When looking for easy ways to attach woven wire fence to metal posts, use the 9.5" 12 ga ties for best results.

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