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How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Mar 2018

Rabbits are curious critters that are known to chew on everything. This is because their teeth grow 3-5" inches per year; and they need a hard surface to trim down teeth. That is what they will tell you. The real reason is that they are trying to reach vegetable gardens.

To repel rabbits from gardens, gardeners need to take action to protect plants. They need to build a steel fence and trench the fence at least 6 inches into the ground to stop burrowing efforts from rabbits. Then, they need to plant herbs and veggies that rabbits hate to eat including: potatoes, parsley, tarragon and onion. They can also use their dog to chase away the small critters.

Rabbit traps and scare devices can be scattered around the garden; although this course of action is less effective. The best rabbit management plan is to buy rabbit proof fence and plant less desirable plants as a plant barrier.

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