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How To Rid Groundhogs From Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Feb 2019

Groundhogs are kind of cute; but they are a major nuisance in the garden. Groundhogs (gophers) make the list of the top worst garden critters to have around plants, next to rabbits; and contribute to the millions of dollars in loss crops each year for growers.

Since February 2nd (tomorrow) is Groundhog Day, we should discuss how to rid Punxsutawney Phil from landscapes now to protect organic gardens from groundhog damage. 

Groundhogs have stumped gardeners looking for an easy solution to keep them away from plants. Groundhogs burrow; and there is no way to stop a groundhog 100 percent from digging tunnels to a gardening area.

Sure, gardeners can add vibrations to the ground to scare groundhogs; and yes, you can trap groundhogs and drive them away from your landscape; but there are better solutions.

The best management strategy to rid groundhogs is to install a steel fence with PVC and trench it at least 12 inches into the ground. This is the most humane way to keep groundhogs out of growing areas. 

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