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Is a Cat Fence a Catio?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Nov 2019

Cat owners may have heard that there is a cat fence on the market for their domestic cats to play, but more often than not, they confuse the term cat fence with catio. While the systems can secure multiple cats at once, the systems are different. Here is the difference between a catio and a cat fence. 


For those that own a townhouse, catios are a great option as they do not take up much space in yards. They are more square-shaped and can easily attach to porches for cats to socialize with one another. What's great about catios are that most include a top for bird and wildlife control. The top also keeps cats securely in as they jump from level to level on the system for exercise. The downsize of catios are that they do not allow cats to roam freely limited walking space for cats. And, running freely? Not an option. 

Cat Fencing

fence for cats is ideal for homeowners that have a large yard for cats to roam freely. Having a fence in the yard for kitties can help improve animal health and wellness. Like dogs, cats need a chance to run, jump and play with other animals; and having the space to do it is a benefit for the cat. While cat fencing does not include a top like a catio, the fence system includes overhang extenders that will prevent cats from getting out (and wildlife from getting in). 

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