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It's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jun 2020

Animal shelters see a rise in cat intake during the month of June due to kitty breeding season in spring. Because of this, and other circumstances, there are over 3 million homeless cats in one of the 3500 animal shelters in the United States awaiting forever homes. They are waiting for you, the animal lover, to be a hero and save a life. Have you considered cat adoption?

There are many reasons why it's great to own a cat. Cats may be self-reliant but they do enjoy time spent with owners and other companion animals. They are playful with other pets; gentle around small children; and low-key for older folks. They also make the purr-fect pet for animal lovers on-the-go. 

Cats can learn new tricks just like dogs and can play with family members in the fenced-in backyard, too. They can run, chase toys and be silly just like dogs. They sound like a pretty good pet to me!

Cats make wonderful pets; and if you are considering adopting a pet from a local animal shelter, consider adopting a cat this June. 

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