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It's National Chicken Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Sep 2018

September is National Chicken Month; and we're here to discuss why chicken owners mustn't cage chickens. 

Pardon the expression, but imagine being cooped up all day with dozens of other family members. While they can provide warmth, you'd go crazy, right? I know I would. That is how a chicken feels. Once caged, they become stiff, lethargic and unhappy. This is why it's best to own free-roaming chickens. Free-range chickens are not only happier, but they produce better-tasting eggs.

Free roaming poultry are able to hunt bugs and spiders and keep them away from homes and yards. Being able to freely roam means that the poultry will maintain a healthy weight while staying fit. Lastly, they will til garden beds for you! If they are fenced-in behind a strong steel fence, chicken farmers won't have to worry about coyotes and other wild predators attacking the flock. 

Chicken owners, this Chicken Month, choose to send your flock outside for physical fitness and better-tasting eggs!

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