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It's National Pet Week!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th May 2018

National Pet Week is a time for pet owner to bond with pet and share special moments and create many more memories together. National Pet Week started yesterday and will run for the entire week to encourage animal lovers to become responsible pet owners. 

What makes a pet owner responsible, anyway?

Being there for pets is a great start; but they will also need requirements such as healthy pet foods; a secure environment and tons of love!

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand. If pets do not eat the right types of food, then they will not have sufficient energy to want to play with owners or other pets and they will gain weight or contract diseases. To be a responsible dog owner, give your dog the recommended dosage of food and plenty of fresh water. Take the time to fence in dogs and play with them in the convenience of your home away from wildlife encounters including stray animals. And, teach them new tricks! Playing with dogs in the yard will not only help with strength-training exercises, but will keep them lean and energetic. Lastly, give them love, toys, attention and regular vet visits to maintain health.

Be kind to animals this week; and give your pets everything they need to stay healthy and happy. 

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