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January Is Unchain a Dog Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jan 2020

When we see dogs chained in the backyard, or with dog leashes hooked to bike racks in metropolitan street corners, our hearts melt. Who doesn't want to feel freedom? Dogs are no different. January is Unchain a Dog Month; and we encourage dog owners to allow dogs the freedom to roam.

Dogs need an open area to run and play with other animals. They need space to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. With a fenced-in yard, dogs have the opportunity to do the things they love to do with their owners, and other furry friends, without leaving home. 

When outside, provide dogs with shelter, such as a dog house, or easy entry to go back indoors. Dogs will also need blankets in cold weather and always require fresh water through the seasons. 

This Unchain a Dog Month, consider fence for dogs to run, play and exercise. No animal deserves to be left in chains.

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