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Keep Birds Out Of Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Aug 2020

August begins bird migration season as birds across the United States and Canada flock gather in groups to flock south for warmer climates and better food sources. During this month, into fall, gardeners will notice an influx of birds on properties and damage to fruit bushes; shrubs; and vegetable gardens. To protect organic gardens from bird damage, home growers will need to implement bird management strategies. Here's what can be done to protect plants from birds on-the-move:

Bird netting

Bird control methods, such as bird netting, are necessary for fruit growers and farmers to use when planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs peach trees and blueberry bushes. Using a bird net keeps out birds from above while stopping whitetail deer from indulging on freshly planted fruits. 

Bird nets are made from a loose poly mesh netting that are lightweight and affordable barriers against bird damage. The polypropylene material resists corrosion and environmental damage even after years of use outdoors. Bird control netting is also UV-stabilized for longevity, and incredibly easy to handle.

Garden Enclosures With Tops

fully enclosed garden fence can be placed around flowerbed to keep away white-tailed deer; squirrels; raccoons and birds. The covered top will discourage birds and make it difficult for them to fit through small mesh holes to reach plants in gardens. 

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