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Letting Cats Outside

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Aug 2019

Like dogs, domestic cats need a chance to explore the backyard; socialize with friends and get fit. While there are catios for sale that are great for securing multiple cat breeds, the systems do not offer the freedom for cats to run and play. For this reason, fencing for cats is recommended. 

Cat fencing is offered in different sizes and lengths to appeal to different landscape sizes and shapes. While the systems do not include tops as with catios, fencing includes overhang extenders that will block felines from climbing out of the fence and external predators including wildlife, stray dogs, feral cats and strangers. 

A cat fence is predominately made from a polypropylene fence mesh that gently sways to deter cats from climbing out while the bottom includes welded wire fence rolls to stop digging escape artists.Cat fencing lasts for 15-20 years - the lifespan of most cats.

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