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Litter Control Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Apr 2018

Landfill managers request a strong fence to stop flying debris at solid waste and recycling areas. The height of fence depends on the goals of the landfill manager, as some landfill and debris netting can reach heights between 12-16' high. But, for temporary or semi-permanent use, it's best to install a metal fence in heights between 4-6' feet high. 

A metal fence, such as a Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire Fence, will be strong enough to catch litter and wind-blowing debris. The PVC-coating on the steel fences will also keep the fence from rusting and will hold up to consistent wind gusts. Additionally, the mesh dimensions on the Steel Hex, for example, will prevent small pieces of debris from sliding out to the other side. 

Choose a metal fence with PVC-coating for landfill management. These fences are environmentally friendly and will last 20-30 years.

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