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Make a Difference To Children Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jul 2018

Make a Difference To Children Month is held annually each July to focus on children's education, health and growth. To celebrate children's month, we at Deerbusters feel that it's important to teach kids how to garden. 

Gardening not only teaches kids what types of plants they can grow in July; but it also teaches them the meaning of sustainability. Gardening encourages children to do something fun outdoors; eat healthy foods and how to grow food on their own.

To teach children how to plant foods in a garden, teachers should start a school gardening program at their own schools. This may require administrative permission and funding outreach to gain momentum; but the results will be worth the investment.

School gardens interested in working with Deerbusters will receive an added discount on garden fencing this July. Call 888-422-3337 to receive exclusive rates.

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