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Pet Care During the Holidays

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Dec 2018

The holidays can stress out pets. After all, there is a lot going on and so much movement. While Christmas isn't nearly as stressful as 4th of July, it can make dogs uneasy. Here are ways to handle pet stress during the holidays.

If you are travelling for the holidays by car, be sure to take more breaks than usual. Dogs will need time outside to stretch their legs and ease their nerves from being in a dog crate. Smaller dogs can sit in laps and it can help to calm down anxious dogs. Continue to pet them and make them feel at ease.

During holiday parties, place dogs outside in the fenced-in yard or keep them in a bedroom if the weather isn't acceptable. The hustle and bustle of people may be too much for dogs and will make them anxious. Check in on dogs to make sure they are okay; provide them with plenty of toys; and play light Jazz music to soothe them. 

As far as holiday treats go, keep watch on pets and make sure they are not sniffing around chocolates and other holiday baked goods. Chocolates can make a dog very sick and be lethal in high dosages. 

Keep animals away from holiday lights and make sure they are not chewing on the decorations. 

"Sometimes animals can outsmart us, and some things are impossible to prevent," said Dr. Steven Friedenberg, an emergency and critical care specialist at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine.. "We just need to help manage the consequences as best we can."

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