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Should Domestic Cats Go Outside?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Oct 2019

When pet owners let out dogs to play in the fenced-in backyard, they usually don't think twice about it; however, when it comes to cats, pet owners are more cautious. Should cats go outside? Won't they run off? After all, cats are amazing climbers and can easily scale a tree. 

Like dogs, cats need time spent outdoors for several reasons. They need socialization with other animals and they need an open area to run, play and exercise. Without exercise, they too risk health complications such as high blood pressure and obesity. Statistics show that 60 percent, or 56 million cats, are overweight or obese in the United States. 

To improve animal health and wellness in cats, pet owners should consider installing a cat fence, much different than a catio. While catios are great for multiple cats, and include a top for wildlife control, they do not offer cats the freedom to explore landscapes as freely as a fence for cats. 

Cats cannot stay indoors all day. They need fresh air and playtime with other animals in a safe and convenient area. 

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