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Spring Gardening Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Mar 2018

Woohoo! It's the first day of spring; and Deerbusters knows that gardeners are excited to dig shovels into the ground and start planting spring flowers like geraniums. But, before growers begin seeding and sprouting, they need to do a few things for garden protection. Here's what you need to remember to do this season:

1. Build Deer Fence

Deer fencing is the most effective means for deer management in gardens; and with a 7.5' to 8' feet high deer fence, deer will be unable to gauge the height required to successfully leap over the fence. 

Not only is deer fencing good for crop protection, but it is even better for tick disease prevention. Deer are the number one carriers of ticks in the United States; and deer fencing will reduce the risk of deer dropping ticks in the yard and getting in your house and/or within the garden. 

Keep deer away from gardens; and reduce the spread of ticks and the risk of Lyme Disease.

2. Apply Tick Sprays

Tick sprays and other applications can be used in the yard to kill off ticks. For homeowners with pets, it's best to use tick sprays with pet-safe ingredients to avoid toxic chemicals mixing with pet's digestive tracts. 

3. Plant deer-resistant flowers

Lilies, marigolds, and daffodils are just some of the flowers that deer hate. These flowers, as well as some herbs such as garlic and rosemary, can be used as a deer barrier around a fence. The only downside of planting deer-resistant flowers is that some of these plants are toxic to pets including lilies, iris and garlic. Pet owners will want to keep domestic animals away from these plants to avoid health complications. 

It's time to spring into action with a deer management plan. Finish protecting landscapes and start protecting flowerbeds!

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