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Steel Hex VS 19 Ga Weld Wire Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th May 2020

DIY'ers looking for a metal deer fence often turn to two types of fence: Steel Hex Web Fence and Welded Wire Fence. Both are strong metal fences and are used for deer management and rodent protection; however, is one better than the other? Let's explore:

Steel Hex Web Fencing

Steel Hex Fence is hexagonal in shape and uses its style to trick the eye into thinking it's virtually invisible. Beyond that for the homeowners, the hexagonal shape, complete with PVC-coating, makes it difficult for deer and other animals to chew through the material. The mesh holes are 1" x 1" making it a great critter barrier against bunnies and even squirrels. The steel hexagon fence is a 20 gauge fence that turns into an 18 ga look after PVC. Fence rolls start at 100' in length and go up to 150' in length.

19 Ga Welded Wire Fencing

This type of fence is suggested for critter control at the bottom of a fence; but for deer management, the 14 gauge welded wire fence is a stronger welded fence. The 19 gauge deer fence will appear virtually invisible due to small 1" x 1" mesh holes; but it will stand out more due to its square shape. Nonetheless, this fence is PVC-coated is strong and will remain durable for 20+ years. The fence is offered in 50' and 100' roll sizes offering smaller fence roll options for homeowners.

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