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What's Better: Steel Hex or 19 Ga Welded Wire?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Fence buyers looking for a wildlife fence for rabbit control turn to two types of metal fence: Steel Hex Web and 19 gauge welded wire fencing. They seem virtually identical; so, what sets them apart?

Steel Hex Web is made from  20 gauge galvanized steel that is wrapped with PVC-coating. This fence contains 1" x 1" mesh holes that are hexagonal in a shape. Wild animals, including deer, have trouble wrapping their mouths around this style of steel fence. In turn, this metal fence tends to be a winner for homeowners dealing with chewing animals in the garden. And, because of the hexagonal shape, it tricks the eye into thinking it is virtually invisible from a short distance. 

However, the 19 gauge welded wire is stronger than the 20 gauge steel hex fence rolls by a small margin. This type of PVC metal wildlife fence also contains 1" x 1" mesh holes but is square-shaped making it more aesthetically pleasing on landscapes. 

Both type of fences are ideal for rabbit and small critter control in gardens. They can both be trenched into the ground 6-12 inches to block burrowing attempts from animals.

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