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Stop Bird Damage In Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th May 2020

Birds, like other types of wild animals, love exploring lawns and gardens for food. Throughout the year, birds will fly over to growing sites to eat up nuts, fruits, berries and other plant material. They are not the picky eaters we image; and while growers can shew them away, they will come back for seconds unless growers install bird netting on plants. But, how easy is it to use; and is it even effective?

Bird netting is one of the easiest ways to rid birds from landscapes. Bird nets are made from a loose poly mesh netting that are lightweight and affordable barriers against bird damage. The polypropylene material resists corrosion and environmental damage even after years of use outdoors.Simply drape the netting over plants, including bushes; and walk away!

Need an effective way to manage bird damage on lawns and gardens? Choose to install bird nets on properties.

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