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Stop Prairie Dog Damage In Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2018

There are five species of prairie dogs however two types of prairie dogs roam throughout North America: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog occupies narrow bands of dry plains stretching from central Texans to Canada. White-Tailed Prairie Dog inhabits Western US: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

While mating season is in March, the gestation period is in April and May; and this means more prairie dog damage in gardens. Prairie dog diets contain grasses and flowering plants as well as insects, roots and seeds. They mainly get around by burrowing underneath the ground; which can create a problem for gardeners trying to protect their flowerbeds. The tunnel system allows prairie dogs to sleep, store food and hide from predatory animals such as coyotes.

Typically, prairie dogs prefer to burrow rather than jump; and the use of tunneling can perplex gardeners trying to rid prairie dogs from gardens. They are notorious for  gnawing, digging and chewing. To prevent garden damage from these critters, use a metal rodent fence, such as Steel Hex Web Fence, that can be burrowed in the ground at least two feet. 

The use of a metal fence may be the only way to stop prairie dog damage in gardens.

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