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The Importance of Bird Netting

The Importance of Bird Netting

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 31st Jan 2023

Birds are great companions and a source of delight. But as unwanted guests, they could be a source of an unparalleled nuisance too. They come uninformed and can quickly turn your beautiful property … read more

Stop Prairie Dog Damage In Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2018

There are five species of prairie dogs however two types of prairie dogs roam throughout North America: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog occupies narrow bands of dry plains stretching from central Texans … read more

The Psychology Of Rabbits Chewing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Mar 2018

Rabbits seem to chew on everything - hard surfaces, grasses, hay; but nobody has ever wondered if there is a deeper reason for the scissor action ( known to happen by rabbits). Rabbits teeth are … read more

Strategies for Winter Garden Protection

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jan 2017

It's a new year; and what better way to move forward than with a well-cared-for organic vegetable garden? Eating organically isn't just good for you and your family; but it is good for your pocket boo … read more

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