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The Effectiveness of Deer Culling

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Jun 2020

There are over 40 million white-tailed deer roaming throughout North America; and the overpopulation of deer is leading to organized deer culls. But, how effective is deer culling as a deer management strategy?

Sure, in deer hunting terminology, deer culling is the "removal" of deer and minimizes the overpopulation issue in one region and, 200+ deer may be killed in a given season. However, this is a small fraction compared to the amount of deer in the United States. While the deer meat is donated to food banks (a pro for deer culling), the remaining deer causing agricultural damage and spreading deer ticks and Chronic Wasting Disease remains high.

Gardeners can turn to short-term deer control methods, such as deer repellents; but the most effective means for deer control is the use of a deer fence. This action keeps deer away from plants while saving a life.  

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