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Tips To Avoid Hitting Deer While Driving

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th May 2020

White-tailed deer become fearless during the warmer months of the year as they venture into urban and rural areas searching for food. If they see enticing plants, whitetails may go so far as to leap into traffic. Here are tips to avoid deer damage to cars while driving:

First, be prepared to spot deer at all times - especially during the evening hours. Put on car brights, if possible. The deer-crossing signs are also helpful; but they don't tell the full story: deer are always on the move no matter where the sign is placed in the ground. If a deer runs in front of a car, slow down. Avoid slamming on breaks as the car could dive down and allow the deer to run into the windshield and swerving. Instead, take foot off gas pedals and try to safely slow down. If a deer is hit, call the police (it may help for insurance claims).

Deer are a pain beginning Memorial Day weekend through the end of summer. The warm months of the year are when families travel on vacations and insurance companies see an increase in deer damage claims. To avoid deer damage, transportation personnel should consider installing deer fencing along highways and heavily traveled roads.

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