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Tips To Avoid Hitting Deer While Driving

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th May 2020

White-tailed deer become fearless during the warmer months of the year as they venture into urban and rural areas searching for food. If they see enticing plants, whitetails may go so far as to leap i … read more

When Do Deer Give Birth?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Apr 2020

We'll be the first to admit that fawns are adorable - with their Bambi eyes and white fluffy spots, who could resist? Veteran gardeners know better than to get excited when they see baby fawns. Here's … read more

Why Buy Fence Kits?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Oct 2019

Interested in buying deer fence? The task of what fence parts and accessories to buy and what mesh to choose, can become overwhelming - especially for the general homeowner who probably has never inst … read more

Fall Gardening To Do List

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Sep 2019

Today, September 23, 2019, is the first day of autumn; and it's time to focus on another new strategy to protect lawns and gardens from wildlife damage. This season is all about garden management with … read more

Can Grapevines Survive Winter?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Jan 2019

European grapevines are more susceptible to disease and have less tolerance for cold temperatures than American grapevines - this is good news for American grape growers. While frost will generally … read more

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