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Top Issues Facing National Parks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jul 2019

National Parks are engulfed in beautiful scenery; vast landscape; wildlife, history and science. However, as the sang goes, a beautiful thing is never perfect; and national parks face a multitude of problems. Here are some of the top issues facing national parks today:

Human Waste

Let's face it, people are pigs; and since the park and camping grounds are not our "home," we don't care that they get trashed. Littering is the number one problem affecting national parks today. The trash is cluttering landscapes and are causing fish to get tangled up in plastics. Pick up trash and consider recycling. Come on now.

Foreign Invaders

Invasive species are another problem affecting national parks. Invasive insects are making national forests their homes and are causing damage to plants.

Climate Change

In addition to human negligence with camp fires, the brutal heat waves are leading to wild fires. Not only is this a problem for forests, but for the wildlife that rely on forests for food as they are pushed out of homes to avoid flames.

Water Issues

Water may cover 70 percent of Earth; but over time, we have lost over a quarter of our water supply! "The water that covered the Earth at the dawn of time contained more of the lighter hydrogen isotope than the heavier hydrogen isotope, known as deuterium, than it does today,” says Emily Pope, a post doc, who has played a central role in the study.

Air Pollution

Our ozone layer is packed on with a layer of our air pollution that is causing health complications for both people and wildlife that are leading to premature deaths. Air quality is depleting because of human negligence. 


Yes, they need to eat, too; but deer and small critters are causing damage to national parks. Deer rub their antlers against trees during the rut season to remove dried velvet from antlers, while rabbits and other small wild animals chew on leaves and destroy vegetation. Fencing, anyone?


There are many issues harming wildlife and national parks that can be avoided with proper care and management work. Do your part to conserve national parks and protect wildlife biodiversity. 


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