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Warning: Coyotes Attack Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Apr 2020

Coyotes may look like medium-sized dogs; but they can be much more aggressive. While they generally tend to avoid human interaction, they will approach small dogs and domestic cats if given the chance. This is warning to pet owners: keep close watch on pets especially in the evening hours.

Coyotes need to eat just like any other mammal; and they will choose cats as a snack. If left unattended, pets are put at risk of coyote encounters.

To avoid coyote attacks on pets, pet owners must separate the domestic from wild animals with fencing. A good coyote fence will be made of steel construction and include PVC coating as a secondary layer of protection against chew marks. The best height fence to keep out coyotes is 6 feet high

Steel fencing, especially that of hexagonal shape, is used by livestock owners to protect backyard chickens from coyotes, wolves, foxes and other wild animals that may harm flock. Fencing is the best course of action to keep the peace between domestic and wild animals.

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