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What Deer Eat In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Mar 2020

Winter was hard times for deer as natural resources were scarce; but now that spring is around the corner, whitetails know that they will soon have a buffet of options. 

In the spring, flowers and other types of garden plants are abundant; and Bambi and friends will test-taste everything they can reach. During this season, white-tailed deer will eat grass, vegetables grown in the yard by home gardeners (Vegetables that deer seem to prefer include beans, lettuce, cabbage, and cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) as well as fruits. Eating well is especially important to lady does in spring as they make way for fawns to be delivered in March and April. Doe will need to produce enough milk to feed their young while staying healthy. 

Spring and summer are both hot seasons for deer movements in gardens; and home growers are advised to implement deer management strategies early on in the season to re-route their movement away from homegrown plants. 

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