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When To Start A Backyard Orchard

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jan 2020

Growing fruits are easy to do in backyard orchards; but before getting started, learn when is a good time to start an orchard and how to maintain fruit trees.

Planting orchards can be done as early as spring into late fall in some regions and requires about five trees to be considered a true orchard. It is important that gardeners wait until the ground is manageable and unlikely to freeze before digging into the soil. Orchard planting requires digging large holes about twenty feet away from its neighboring tree, and fully deep to ensure growing root systems to thrive. The process is long; but if orchard growers are patient, they will see a rise in fruit varieties. 

"How long do I have to wait?"

Okay, the time it takes to grow applies, for example, takes about six to 10 years for the tree to bear fruit. After 20 years, apple growers can receive as much as $50,000 per acre! It's good to be an orchard grower.

When trees are young, orchard owners can wrap tree guards around the base of trees to keep deer and rabbits away from the tree bark. The trees will be too young to bear fruit; but deer damage can be prevented at this time - increasingly important in the fall season when deer rutting occurs. As orchard trees mature, deer fencing can be used around orchards to protect the fruit trees as a whole.

Growing fruit trees is fun and easy to do at home. Begin planning in winter for spring planting. 

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