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Dried Velvet On Deer Antlers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2020

Bucks may look differently than they did a few weeks ago; and if you're looking, you're probably noticing the deer's dried velvet antlers in particular.By the end of summer, bucks will develop dried v … read more

Tree Protection In the Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Jul 2020

Like us, deer love apples and other fruits; and they will turn to trees on home orchards to hunt for food. But, more than losing fruits, home growers will lose the appearance of trees if they allow de … read more

Prevent Tree Damage From Deer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 16th Jun 2020

White-tailed deer cause land damage throughout the year; but at the end of summer is when they seem to damage trees. During late August-early September, deer will rub up against trees to remove t … read more

When To Start A Backyard Orchard

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Jan 2020

Growing fruits are easy to do in backyard orchards; but before getting started, learn when is a good time to start an orchard and how to maintain fruit trees.Planting orchards can be done as early as … read more

When To Grow Trees?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Jan 2020

When thinking about plants to grow, we may forget trees. More often than not, we may think they just came naturally from Mother Nature - or perhaps a higher being. Nevertheless, tree growers are proud … read more

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