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Dried Velvet On Deer Antlers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Bucks may look differently than they did a few weeks ago; and if you're looking, you're probably noticing the deer's dried velvet antlers in particular.

By the end of summer, bucks will develop dried velvet on antlers that is unsightly and heavy - hurting their neck muscles. Male deer will want to remove the dried velvet immediately and will turn to trees for assistance. This creates a problem for forestry professionals and landowners alike. 

Bucks rub up against trees in late August-early September to remove the dried velvet and to mark their scent in preparation for deer mating season. This will lead to ugly and dying trees on landscapes - but will lead to does coming their way (as the only plus side to their endeavors).

To protect trees, landowners and forestry managers may consider installing tree guards (around young trees) and/or deer fencing to protect tree bark from deer damage. These deer management strategies are the best methods for keeping deer away from trees.

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Prevent Tree Damage From Deer

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Tree Damage Begins in September

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What Is Velvet On Deer Antlers?

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When Is Deer Rut Season?

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Keep Deer Off Golf Courses

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