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Why Cat Fencing Is Better Than Catios

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2019

Cat owners rejoice! There are cat enclosures for sale that allow domestic cats to play outside with other animals; get fit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Great Outdoors. While many cat owners know about catios, there are reasons to not buy a catio for cats. Here's why fence for cats are better than catios.

We won't downplay it: catios are good, but they are not great. They will allow several cats to walk, but not run. They will allow cats to jump from level to level, but not roam. However, cat fencing allows all of this and more.

While cat fences do not offer a top like a catio, systems are lengthy enough to build a cat play area in the yard. This will allow cats to run freely around yards and play with other domestic pets. Cat fences include overhang extenders that will block wildlife from coming into the yard and potentially harming the cat, as well.

Catios are good, but there are better ways to get cats off the couch and outdoors. 

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