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Why Use Deer Electric Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Apr 2018

Deer come back season after season and destroy flowerbeds. Well, enough is enough - no more fun and games. It's time to install electric fencing for deer management. 

Electric fencing uses strands of electric poly wire to zap a response to white-tailed deer and other wild animals. The zap does not affect wildlife long term; but sends a message saying 'Don't think about trying that again.'

Electric fencing isn't just used in the garden for deer control; but also for bear management. In fact, it is the only type of wildlife fence strong enough to handle bears. Bears are most active in the spring and summer months and visit gardens during the early morning and late evening hours in search of food. 

Admittedly, electric baited deer fence requires more maintenance and work to install than poly deer fence or metal deer fence; but it is effective.

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