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Yard Fencing For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th May 2020

There are many types of dog breeds; and when looking at yard fencing for dogs, pet owners must answer several questions: "Will my dog chew the fence?" "Will my dog jump over the fence?" "What's the best fence mesh to use" and "What is the best height fence for my dog?"

For small and calm dogs that will not chew and dig, it's best to look at a yard fence made from a plastic mesh. Not only is this fence material lightweight and easy to manage, but it is a more humane solution than invisible dog fence - and is just as virtually invisible on landscapes! And, chain-link fencing is just overkill for Yorkies and other small dog breeds.

For medium-large dogs, pet owners must consider whether these dogs are rambunctious enough for plastic fencing or if they should consider a metal fence. More often than not, a metal dog fence is the better route to take for larger dog breeds; so, they don't break through the poly fence mesh. While steel hexagonal fences are great for say, Basset Hounds and other medium-sized dogs, larger dogs may need a fence constructed out of welded wire and even chain-link. Chain-link fence is a good option for pet owners that own some of the largest dog breeds in the world. This fence type may be a pain to install without professional fence installers, but it will do the trick to secure large dogs in the yard. 

A good height for dog fence will depend on the size of one's dog; but a general height recommendation is between 4-6' tall for dog fencing. Consider all these factors before buying a dog fence enclosure.

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