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Deer Movement In Summer


Oh dear, homeowners see above average deer populations in summer.

animal-89202-1920.jpgOne of the most beautiful discoveries of summertime is witnessing the first steps of a baby deer. Fawns and mother does will stay close for at least one year and will require lots of space to feed and sleep. Excessive number of does will find open land for daytime bedding and then eat a lot of food in the afternoon. While we would like to think that deer move in the morning hours when it's quite warm, they choose to wait until the weather cools, and they are unseen by predators, to scavenge for food. And, where will deer travel in the afternoon and evening hours to find food? Home gardens.

Deer eating habbits

Deer welcome the invite from gardeners to eat in their organic garden. Gardeners feeding deer in summer are most likely feeding them a variety of nuts including acorns and chestnuts as well as corn ("deer corn") and soybeans. Other foods that attract deer include red clover, orchard grass, peas and kale. Growers that do not want to feed deer in summer will need to block attempts from deer to reach their landscape. After all, summer is when plants are rapidly growing; and deer will have a buffet of options. 

Double Trouble: Why Deer Management Is a Must

-57-65971.1427894066.1280.1280-86927.1507056946.1280.1280.original.jpgDoe will bring babies to eat in home gardens this season; and if home gardeners aren't implementing methods for deer control, they will lose all of their hard work. Gardeners should install deer fencing around plants they don't want to lose this summer and a secondary barrier full of deer-resistant flowers. 

Tick Prevention Methods

In addition to deer management strategies, gardeners will need to apply tick sprays to yards to reduce the spread of ticks coming off deer. Ticks spread tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme Disease, to adults, children and pets. It's best to avoid deer with these low-maintenance garden solutions.


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