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Cat Fence Conversion Kit (1' Extension)

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Like dogs, cats need time spent in the great outdoors; time to socialize with other animals; and time to exercise. Adapting an existing outdoor cat enclosure to create a safe play area for cats is easy using Deerbusters Cat Fence Conversion System. This cat conversion kit can convert 100' of existing fence space. Our vinyl-coated steel overhang extenders can be mounted to any sturdy structure over 5 feet tall, including existing fence posts or the outer walls of a residence, shed, or garage. The extenders will create a two foot overhang that your kitty, no matter how crafty, won't be able to climb. Our strong poly fencing is easily attached to the extenders with self-locking ties to create a tight and chew-resistant barrier that will protect your landscape and your kitty. With a certified breaking load of 750 lbs, cat owners can expect the cat conversion kit to last at least 15-20 years. Cat Conversion Kits offer more space for cats to explore! This will extend your current fence 1 foot in height.

Mounting hardware, with screws for ease of fence extender installation will be offered to buyers. Choose the right hardware set that fits your needs.

This kit is designed to attach to a secure existing fence on your property. Some of these fences may still have openings or gaps either because of fence design or age. If this is the case, you can add the additional fence material to secure the existing fence. Overlay the new fence of your choice across the existing fence to cover any exposed gaps or cracks in the fence line. If you intend to flare any of the fence at the base, you will need to use ground stakes (sold separately) to prevent the cats from trying to get under your fence.


100' Kit 

  • 4' x 100' Heavy Duty Fence QTY: 1
  • Tie - 8" Self Locking 120 lb UV Heavy Duty 100 pk QTY: 1
  • Cat Fence Extender With Attachment Plate QTY: 12
  • Truss Head Screws QTY: 48

200' Kit

  • 4' x 100' Heavy Duty Fence QTY: 2
  • Tie - 8" Self Locking 120 lb UV Heavy Duty 100 pk QTY: 2
  • Cat Fence Extender With Attachment Plate QTY: 24
  • Truss Head Screws QTY: 96

300' Kit 

  • 4' x 330' Heavy Duty Fence QTY: 1
  • Tie - 8" Self Locking 120 lb UV Heavy Duty 100 pk QTY: 2
  • Cat Fence Extender With Attachment Plate QTY: 36
  • Truss Head Screws QTY: 144

*adding options will change what is included. Base kit items shown.

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Extenders, end caps:
Vinyl-coated steel, black
polypropylene plastic, black
Approximately 2 ft.
100' feet of existing fence
Life Expectancy:
15-20 years
4' H

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