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Best Fence For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jan 2018

img-2388.jpgTake a moment to think about how stir crazy you get after being inside for eight hours. All you want to do is move around and stretch, right? Well, your dog is no different; and this is only one reason why pet owners need to invest in a yard fence for dogs. 

Dogs are really just like us. They need exercise - at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity to stay lean. Dog exercise is increasingly more important as the dog ages because weakened bones and joints can lead to health complications such as arthritis. Dogs that sit around all day are not strengthening hind legs nor arms and can become obese if they sit around all day without much movement.

Pups need dog fencing because they need time outside to play with other animals and explore the backyard. Having a dog fence allows dogs to safely roam without being lost or stolen. They can cause all the trouble they want, as long as it's in the yard. Having a dog fence will keep them out of trouble; but it will also stop trouble from reaching your dogs. 

So, which type of fence should you buy?

Although there are many types of fence on the market, not all are suitable for your dog. While a chain-link fence is affordable, it isn't aesthetically pleasing. Chain fences will corrode in time and will hurt the dog's teeth if he/she begins to chew on the metal.  

Barbed wire fences should never be used near dogs. Barbed fences have jagged edges that will hurt the dog. Same goes for a wooden fence. Although wood fences can be nice privacy fences, they can splinter off and harm the dog. 

This is why a plastic dog fence or PVC-coated metal dog fence is best for your dog. Small, calm dogs can lightly bounce on the poly fence and the plastic mesh will not hurt their paws or faces. For larger, higher energy dogs, it's best to use a metal dog fence with a PVC-coating. The PVC coating will protect the fence from corrosion and other weather wear-and-tear; and give the benefits of a strong metal dog fence. 

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