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Deerbusters Announces Cat Fence End Systems

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Jul 2017

Both corner and end systems are used to strengthen the fence structure. Corner systems need to be as straight as possible for stability; while end systems are used whenever an installer is stopping, o … read more

Deerbusters Introduces New Cat Fence Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Jul 2017

New Product Release!Cat Fence Corners Systems for Kitty Corral Cat Fence Systems. Corners support the weight on two sides of a fence; so, both sides need to be as straight as possible and strong. … read more

Why Pet Owners Should Adopt a Shelter Cat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 5th Jun 2017

Being that June is National Adopt a Cat Month, it's only fitting that we spread the word about the joy of cats as pets. Cats can make wonderful pets; and if adopted from a cat rescue or cat shelter, t … read more

Cat Owners: Learn About Deerbusters Cat Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Mar 2017

Often when we hear 'pet fencing,' our minds immediately think of dogs. Although it's true that dogs love running around the backyard, cats need a space to burn off pint-up energy, as well. Many cat ow … read more

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